About the Seafarers Welfare Board

In 1964, the Apostleship of the Sea Inc, British Sailors Society in New Zealand Inc, and Missions to Seamen in New Zealand agreed that a co-ordinating organisation (the Board) be formed. These organisations (the ‘Group 1′ societies) have subsequently invited other agencies and organisations in NZ with an interest in seafarers’ welfare to join the Board. The latter are termed ‘Group2’ societies.

The National Secretaries of the Group 1 Societies, together with elected officers, form the standing sub-committee.

Note: The British Sailors Society in New Zealand Inc is now the International Sailors Society NZ Inc, and the Missions to Seamen in New Zealand is now known as the Mission to Seafarers in New Zealand.


Standing Sub-Committee
Chairman Mr J McLister
Mission to Seafarers NZ (Lyttelton)
chairman [at] swb [dot] co [dot] nz
Hon.Secretary Rev Lance Lukin
Mission to Seafarers NZ
secretary [at] swb [dot] co [dot] nz
Hon.Treasurer Captain Chris Barradale
NZ Maritime School
treasurer [at] swb [dot] co [dot] nz
Member Father Jeff Drane
Apostleship of the Sea Incorporated
jeffdrane [at] gmail [dot] com
Member Commander Larry Robbins
Sailors Society (NZ)
issnz [at] iss [dot] org [dot] nz
Mail Address c/- PO Box 35-401
Browns Bay
Auckland 0753
New Zealand
Group 2 Members South Canterbury Seafarers Welfare Committee Inc
Maritime New Zealand
Auckland Sailors Home
New Zealand Maritime School
Merchant Service Guild IUOW Inc
Maritime Union of New Zealand
NZ Association of Ship Owners and Agents

The principal objects of the society are:

  • To foster ways and means of caring for seafarers throughout and all around the coast of New Zealand.
  • To actively promote and strengthen co-operation between the Societies in Group 1, and any such other approved bodies, in providing suitable facilities by way of residential clubs and other centres of activity for seafarers.
  • Each member in Group 1 undertakes to ensure that welfare activities and services are provided in appropriate ports of New Zealand, for all seafarers, irrespective of nationality, race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion or social origin and irrespective of the state in which the ship on which they are employed is registered.
  • To consider and decide whether and where additional welfare facilities are required and when existing and proposed facilities are excessive, unnecessary or sub-standard, due regard being had to the spiritual and / or educational needs of the seafarers.
  • To prevent duplication of endeavours or overlapping of appeals for public money.
  • To hold or appeal for funds for welfare or welfare facilities; to make grants for these purposes and if necessary to provide and administer welfare facilities; to hold land for such purposes.

SWB is an Associate Member of ICMA Рthe International Christian Maritime Association www.icma.as